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The most interesting monuments, places worth stopping, restaurants serving tasty meals, entertainment and education for children. Discover what is worth seeing in Tarnów.
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TOP 10 attractions in Tarnów

Tarnow tourist attractions, that is what is worth seeing in the warmest city in Poland.
No 1
The Renaissance Town Hall, proudly standing in the heart of Tarnów's Market Square. It used to perform public functions, today it can be visited.
Ratusz w Tarnowie
Katedra w Tarnowie
No 2
The Cathedral Basilica of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Tarnów is an invaluable object in terms of historical value. This Gothic building invites you to see the most valuable and largest tombstones in Europe, the beautiful Pieta from the beginning of the 17th century or for a moment of reflection.
No 3

Tarnów’s Jewish culture, whose presence in this city is evidenced by the remains of the old synagogue - Bimah, cemetery or other less visible evidence that will be noticed by the trained eye of visitors.

Bima w Tarnowie
Wałowa Street
No 4
Wałowa Street is a promenade that surrounds the Old Town from the north, built up with old tenement houses, whispering the stories of their owners. There are many interesting places and monuments worth seeing.
No 5
Strzelecki Park is a place where residents of Tarnów walk and relax in the shade of ancient trees. In this place there is also the mausoleum of general Józef Bem, a beautiful fountain with lions and a Jordanian garden for children.
Park Strzelecki
Muzeum Tarnowa
No 6
The Museum of the History of Tarnów and the Region, located in the heart of Tarnów's Market Square, presents the history of this city in a modern, multimedia way.
No 7
Mount St. Marcina is a hill on the southern side of Tarnów, where the castle of the Leliwit family reigned centuries ago. Today, it is a popular vantage point with a panoramic view of the city.
St. Martin's Hill
Tarnowski dworzec kolejowy
No 8
The Railway Station, where paintings that are fragments of the monumental Panorama of Transylvania are presented inside.
No 9
The Old Cemetery is the most beautiful necropolis in Tarnów, founded around 1790. There are tombstones of many distinguished people, including the January's insurgents.
The old cemetary
Kościół na Terlikówce
No 10
Beautiful wooden churches, covered with shingles and smelling of incense are a delicate and sophisticated element among modern, heavy architecture.