Famous for making miracles, the paining of the Virgin Mary, set in the altar in the Sanctuary in Tuchów, annually is visited by thousands of believers, asking Mother Mary for her graces to them and their close ones.

Originally, since the XI century on the hill there was a wooden church, cared for by the Benedictines. The tradition says that st. Stanisław consecrated the church and in the XV century a mass was conducted by st. Jan Kanty. In the end of the XVI century, the paining of the Virgin Mary was placed there, and quickly became known for its miracles, which drew many pilgrims. The small, wooden church was not enough for all those, who were coming there, thus the Benedictines decided to build a new, bigger temple. The construction ended in 1682.

In the end of the XVIII century, by emperor Joseph II’s decree, the temple along with other Galician temples was robbed of its valuables and the Benedictines had to leave Tuchów. Nowadays, it is the Redemptionists, who take care of the sanctuary, the monastery and seminary building.

While visiting the sanctuary, a must-see is a nativity scene, which has a few decades worth of history. The scene and a museum are open from Monday till Friday from 9 am to 12 pm and during Sundays and Holidays from 10 am to 2 pm (except from mass time).

Tuchów is located 15 km from Tarnów, so you can go there by car, train or bus.


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