Health resort Szczawnica is located in the Valley of Grajcarki stream, the right side inflow of Dunajec. It’s at the foot of Pieniny Mountains, a popular mountain range, where bandit Janosik used to live.

On the premises of the resort are eight sources of sour water, of which medical appliances are used by the locals and visitors from all around the world. An important element of the resort is drinking room in water-spa, where you can try water straight out of its source.

The beautiful quarter of the health resort, encourages visitors to long walks and using the medical benefits of the place.

One of the most interesting attraction of the region is rafting down Dunajec river. The bargee season lasts from April 1 till October 31. The rafts, that can hold a dozen of people, sail down from Sromowce Niżne to Krościenko, or even further - to Szczawnica. During this 2 hour sail you can admire the popular peak of Pieniny Mountains and appealing nooks of this lovely region. Rafters will provide stories about Janosik and many interesting facts about this place.

Szczawnica is located 115 km from Tarnów.


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