The lake was created in 1997, thus making it the youngest artificial water tank on Dunajec river. It’s a region, which offers many attractions, such as visiting the castle in Niedzica, castle ruins in Czorsztyn or cruises on the lake. During winter, you can ski there on a specially prepared slope.

Castle in Niedzica

It’s a Hungarian mountain fortress, which was probably built in the 20’s of the XIV century on the border with Poland. At first it was called Dunajec, from the river it stood at. In XIV century it was rebuilt to be a Renaissance residency. Many legends are connected to the castle, the leading one concerning Inca Treasure.

Castle ruins in Czorsztyn

It’s a Polish fortress at the Dunajec river. The brick walls were created during Kazimierz the Great reign and hosted many kings and noble guests. Till today, it’s been partially restored with curious exhibitions and a wonderful view and is a popular among tourists. From there a view on Spiš, Tatra Mountains, Gorce Mountains and Pieniny Mountains. The castle museum is open all year except for Mondays and holidays.

The dam in Niedzica

It offers ship cruises on the lake and the possibility of visiting the hydroelectric power station. You can also swim in the lake, as there is a beach with a life guard and swimming equipment renal office.



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Lusławice - European Music Centre of Krzysztof Penderecki



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