Jasna Góra is the spiritual capital of Poland. For centuries it was the main goal of pilgrimages of people asking and thanking for miracles.  This is a place where life decisions are made and requests brought for help and success in life.

The depiction of Black Madonna of Częstochowa, is surrounded by many legends, but for certain it was a witness of history of Poland, the great, glorified one as well as the one connected with the fall of the country. The place gained its significance during the Swedish invasion calld Deluge. The heroes of Jasna Góra in 1665 defended the monastery from 4000 soldiers of the Swedish army and an artillery consisting of 36 cannons. The defending group had 160 soldiers, almost 100 monks and a few noblemen led by father Augustyn Kordecki, filled the whole nation with hope, although they didn’t end the war with the Swedes. On March 16 1657 king Jan Kazimierz Waza, prayed for the salvation of Poland from the Swedish army, during which he made the Lwów Oath. That Oath was repeated in August 26 1959 in Jasna Góra’s Oath of the Polish Nation, wrote by cardinal Stefan Wyszyński on May 16 1956.

In Jasna Góra you can see the chapel of Devine Mother, Jasna Góra’s Basilica, the knighthood chamber, the rosary chapel, the chapel of st. Joseph, treasury, bastion of st. Roch, father Kordecki chamber, arsenal, Jasna Góra’s Golgotha and rosary stations.


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