Sandomierz is an old royal city, beautifully located on a hill, which thanks to being near Vistula river, developed in the XI century, being a trade centre between West and East.

Tourists visiting Sandomierz can see the oldest and most valuable Dominicans Conventual Group and the Church of st. Jacob, which was built at the beginning of the XIII century, Cathedral Basilica from the XV century with very well conserved frescos and polychromy, a Renaissance Town Hall, considered as one of the most beautiful in the country, and the Royal Castle - premises of kings and dukes of Poland. While visiting Sandomierz, you can climb the Gothic Opatowska Gate, which has been the symbol of the city for many years. From there not only you can see the panorama of Sandomierz, but also the amazing blue ribbon, that is Vistula, surrounding the walls of the castle.

A big tourist attraction is an underground tourist trail, leading to several multi-floor chambers connected by corridors, under the Old Town. The underground places once were trading storages, where wine, salt and herrings were kept.

Before you leave, we recommend you buy a piece of jewellery made out of Stripped Flint, of which the most valuable kind comes from Sandomierz. If we’re lucky we can see the set of next episodes of “Ojciec Mateusz”, a well know Polish TV series.

Between Tarnów and Sandomierz is 110 km.


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