Lipnica Murowana to most is connected with the Palm Sunday. Annual contest for the tallest palm gathers people living in the near-by villages and tourists from the whole world, wanting to see the only place on Earth, where are palms reaching tens of meters. After the celebrations, the guests are encouraged to buy souvenirs from the local makers and have fun at the fest till late hours.

While being in Lipnica, also worth seeing is st. Leonardo Church - a wooden cemetery church, in Lipnica Dolna. In 2003 it was listed along with other churches in Sub-carpathian region and Lesser Poland, in UNESCO heritage.

Going from Lipnica Murowana to Muchówka, you can stop and walk a bit into the forest, where Brodziński’s Stones are located. It’s a very beautiful formation of 9 rocks, shaped as towers, mushrooms, ambo and stone ledges. The biggest of the inselbergs is called the Great Rock, with its height being 10 meters and its width being 16 meters.

The distance from Tarnów to Lipnica is around 50 km.




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Lusławice - European Music Centre of Krzysztof Penderecki


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