“Marcinka” as the locals commonly call it is a hill located on the Southern side of Tarnów. Centuries ago the house of Leliwita had their castle there. Now its an enthusiastically visited vantage spot, from which the panorama of the whole city can be seen.
Tarnów’s castle was the residency of Tarnów’s authorities and administrative centrum of city’s goods. It was built between the years 1328-1331 on a hill 2 km away from Tarnów, by the order of Spicymir from the house of Leliwita, who was the chancellor of Kraków.
In 1342 Spycimir Leliwita signed there the first known document. This overlord was the ancestor of Tarnowscy house. And so the castle was regularly developed by next members of that family. Even Polish monarchs were guests at the castle: Kazimierz the Great (1361, 1364), Władysław Jagiełło (1392, 1424), Bona Sforza and Zygmunt the Old (1537). In 1528 the castle and the whole city were lend to the king of Hungary, Jana Zápolyi and his court for half a year.
In 1519-1527 hetman Jan Amor Tarnowski rebuilt the castle to fist the style of Renaissance and had it surrounded with brick-ground fortifications, making it the greatest castle of Poland and the lead centre of Polish Renaissance culture. 
At the beggining of the XVIII century the castle was abandoned. The Castle’s superiors moved to a wooden court in Gumniska. In 1747 duke Janusz Aleksander Sanguszko allowed Tarnów’s Observants to repurpose the ruins as the building material for a new church of the Triumph of the Cross. In 1848 on the ruins a mound was raised to praise the memory of Galician Massacre victims from 1846. However, due to the interference of Austrian authorities, the work was never finished. 
Nowadays, the legal status of the ruins and the St. Martin’s hill is unclear. In 1938 duke Roman Sanguszko, the heir of Tarnów’s goods, entrusted the hill to the city, for an Independence Park of duke Roman Sanguszko to be built there (“Sybiraka”). However, the act was never registered in mortgage books.

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