The Renaissance City Hall is one of the first and most important sights visited by tourists in Tarnów. This proud magnificent building was built in Gothic-Renaissance style and placed on the Main Square. It’s so old that even hetman Tarnowski set the guards on the City Hall’s tower to watch the city at all time, in order to detect any fire. 
The rectangular mass was crested with attic made of brick, on which 14 masks were set, which correspond with the number of Tarnów’s authorities of that time. On the top of the tower there is a sculpture of a horseman. It’s the Lithuanian Chase, the coat of arms of Sanguszkowie, the last owners of Tarnów. 
In the tower the oldest clock in Lesser Poland is set, which has to be wound up by hand. Its mechanism was made in the XVI century. 
Since 1931 the City Hall is a museum. Inside we can see unique collection of Sarmatian portraits from the XVII-XVIII century, one of the most precious set of porcelain in Poland, arms and weapons containing an original hussarian lance (one of three still intact in the country), and many more.

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