The Cathedral Basilica of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Tarnów was built by the order of Spicymir Leliwita after the foundation of the town in 1330. In the XV century the church was being expanded and throughout the next centuries new parts were built. Between the years 1889-1897 it was thoroughly renovated and its shape was altered to look more modern. Until 1784, the burial of the dead was taking place around the Cathedral. However, only the wealthy lords were buried in the catacombs.

Tarnów was a private city, thus the patronage right of the church belonged to its owners - heirs of Spicymir Leliwita. Thats also the reason for the existence of beautiful and massive gravestones of Tanowscy and Ostrogscy families. On the left side of the sanctuary lies hetman Jan Tarnowski and his son, Jan Krzysztof. The tallest sculpture in Poland, measuring 13.8 m was originally created by Bartłomiej Berecci in Renaissance style, but it was Jan Maria Padovano, who finished the work. On the opposite side of the hetmans tombstone stands equally impressive monument of duke Janusz Ostrogski and his wife Zuzanna. The figures represent the Gdansk mannerism style.

The temple is adorned by gothic domes, baroque altar, multiple epitaphs and nine sublime tombstone sculptures. In the cathedral you can even sit in antique stellas underneath the chorus. The beautiful interiors of the church is often compared to the Chapel of Zygmund in Wawel.


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