Jan Szczepanik was a great, and unfortunately till this day, not appreciated enough, inventor, who spent many years in Tarnów. In his father-in-law’s house at Sowińskiego street, he experimented and worked on breakthrough inventions connected with film techniques, photography and coloured fabrics. 
Some call him “the Polish Edison” and the others “the Galician genius”. Here are some of his discoveries:
  • teletroskop - the predecessor of television, that is an equipment allowing coloured pictures and sound to be transmitted; 
  • coloured fabrics system, which developed the fabrics production process, making it swifter and thus cheaper. It was used by the German and Austrian fabrics industry;
  • coloured movies system - the small-frame plate, a camera and a projector;
  • coloured photography system with a light-sensitive paper - system used by Kodak; 
  • a bulletproof vest - made out of silk and thin steel plates. 
A presentation on the achievements of Jan Szczepaniak, we can see on the square bearing his name, which can be found between Brodziński, Mickiewicz and Goldhammer street.






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