Beautiful wooden churches, covered with shingle and smelling of incense are a delicate and sophisticated element present among the heavy modern architecture. 
The Church of Our Lady of the Scapula “na Burku” in Tarnów was built before 1458 near Wątok stream. Its one of the oldest wooden churches in Lesser Poland. The pole tower with starling, is covered by a oval helmet with a lantern was added in 1910. The interior flat ceilings with roof truss  (above the nave) are covered with polychromy from the 30’s, by the hand of Tadeusz Terlecki. 
The Church of Trinity at Terlikówka in Tarnów was built in wooden gothic style in 1563-89. The baroque tower was added in 1837. To its charm add shingle covered walls and a double ridge roof. Polychromy from the XX century covers the flat ceilings. On the early-baroque main altar from the first half of the XVII century, is a precious paining with a rare depiction of Trinity in Pietas Domini style. The side altars were created in the late XVI century and contain Renaissance painting from the same period: “the Coronation of the Virgin Mary” and “Crucifixion” with kneeling figures of the sponsors of the piece at the foot of the Cross. 

St. Marcin's Church in Zawada was built in the fifteenth century on the top of the hill. A late-Gothic crucifix from the beginning of the 16th century is a valuable monument. In the early Baroque main altar from the first half of the 17th century, there is a painting of St. Martin. Inside the church you can admire the polychrome from the 20th century - figural on the ceilings and ornamental on the walls. The oldest pieces of equipment include four late Gothic reliefs on the choir window sill. An interesting fact is the chain, suspended between the nave and the presbytery, probably made by a blind shepherd from one piece of wood.


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