Tarnów’s Old Town consists of the Main Square as well as the streets and passages all connected and circling around it, crossed by multiple broad walks and traffic. Tarnów’s Main Square’s surface is 66 ares and it is located in the centre of the Old Town, on a hillside tilted slightly to the South. On the Main Square the impressive architecture, the medieval city plan, the oldest tenement house dating back to the XVI century, the City Hall and the Okręgowe Museum. Moving on to the West, we can see the Cathedral, the Diocesan Museum and Karzimierz Square. By following Krakowska street “downwards” we can observe representative tenement houses and the Ethnographic Museum. If we were to chose to turn at the Katedralna street to the right, we’d take a stroll on Wałowa street.
To the South of the Main Square there are the Great Stairs, which lead to the fair square Burek. Further on there’s a wooden church “near Burek” and the Old Cemetery. 
Heading towards the East from the Main Square, we can explore the Jewish Quarter and reach Lwowska Street, characterised by its unique architecture. To the North there is Bima, the Jewish Cemetery and the monument of the First Transport Prisoners to Auschwitz.



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