The first train came to Tarnów in 1854, as a test run of a new track line Bochnia-Dębica. This small, wooden train station soon became insufficient and the construction of a new edifice was ordered, which begun in 1906. The building was finished in 1910 and such date was carved on its frontage. On the same design the train station in Stanisławowo was based and some even say that the train station in Lviv is similar to the one in Tarnów. 
The building managed to survive both wars, with only one tragic event. On the 28th of August 1939 the station was bombed. Antoni Guzy, enrolled by German locals, brought to Tarnów two suitcases filled with explosives set on a timer and placed it in the luggage office. The attack was meant to take place during the time when a train filled with polish soldiers was stopping in Tarnów. However, the bombs exploded with a delay and killed 20 innocent bystanders. To this say it is said that the war started in Tarnów. 
In this art nouveau station, the division of Okręgowe Museum is placed, which holds the Panorama of Transylvania (Siedmiogród). This painting by Jan Styka, represents the battle of Sybin by the Hungarian insurgents under general Józef Bem on the 11th of march 1849. The piece was commissioned by the Hungarians to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Spring of Nations. From April till September 1897 the painting was being created in Rotunda in Lviv. The piece is an oil on canvas and its original dimensions were the same as those of the Panorama of Racławice, that is 120 meters of circumference and 15 meters high. The painting was displayed in Lviv, Budapest, Kraków and Warszawa a number of time, however in 1908 it disappeared. Several of its parts were found after 70 years. According to an investigation, the Hungarian buyers didn’t provide payment for the painting, therefore the author, Jan Styka, cut the canvas to 60 pieces with the intention to sell them separately. Now, those parts are spread all around the world. Only 38 parts were found, out of which 20 were placed in polish museums. The Okręgowe Museum in Tarnów is still on the lookout for the missing pieces. 
The found parts of the painting are displayed in the gallery of the Main Train Station in Tarnów.



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