Mościce is the West quarter of Tarnów. It was established by merging two villages - Dąbrówka and Świerczków. It was here, where during the years 1927-1929 the State Factory of Nitric Unions  - Azoty - was created by the newly rebuilt Poland. The official opening of the factory took place in January 18, 1930 with official guests such as the President of Poland Ignacy Mościcki, government delegates including prime minister Karzimierz Bartel, Minister of Industry and Trade Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski. The latter was made the head director of Azoty and moved into the official representative palace in front of the main gate to the factory. On the land adhesive to the factory several villas were built, meant for engineers, who came to Tarnów. New near settlements quickly became full of workers with their families moving to Mościce. 
The newly-established quarter full of workers and intelligentsia, thanks to the powerful factory, throughout the years was a motor engine in West Tarnów’s development and neighbouring villages. Soon a chapel was built, and thanks to priest Stanisław Indyk, the construction of a church followed next. In the centre of the housing development a Community Centre was created. The green lungs of the city weren’t forgotten and a park was planted, today its beautiful and full of life. Sports life of Tarnów is a swimming pool, athletics pitch, tennis courts, and the most important of all the speedway stadium, on which Tarnów’s “Swallows” won multiple number of times.
Nowadays, in Azoty a new generation of workers is employed, providing livelihood to their whole families, by working in Azoty or subsidiary companies. 


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