The park is a place, where people from Tarnów spend their free time, by walking or relaxing in the shade under the trees. Many plants are Nature Monuments, some species were brought here from the furthest parts of Europe. The park, which measures around 8 hectares, was established in 1886 as the Tarnów’s Shooting Society was created. At the park entrance form Słowacki street, there’s a neo-gothic Shooting range Palace - the old headquarters of the Society. Near it there’s a Gardner House, built in art nouveau style from Vienna. Today in the Palace there is a gallery BWA. 
In the park, there is a pond, on which in 1927 a mausoleum was built with the ashes of general Bem, born in Tarnów, a hero of Poland, Hungary and Turkey. 
From the Romanowicz street side of the park there is a jordanowski garden, often used by children and their carers. 


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