General Bim’s traces can be seen in many parts of the city. 
Born in Tarnów in 1794 in tenemant house near Burek, died in Aleppo. After Poland gained independence general’s ashes were brought here, with the highest honours and placed in the mausoleum on an island in Strzelecki Park.
He was a Polish general, writer, engineer, serviceman strategist and a political figure. His leader qualities were appreciated not only in Poland, but also in France, Hungary and Turkey, where he is considered a hero. 
He took part in the January Rising, Napoleonic wars and Spring of Nations in Vienna and in Hungary. Leading the resistance army in Hungary he achieved 33 victories, consisting the one near Sybin. That event was represented by Jan Styka in his monumental painting “Panorama of Transylvania (Siedmiogród)”.
After Austria and Russia joint their armies, they defeated the resistance and the remaining survivors with Bem were forced to cross the border of Turkey. In order to enrol to sultan’s army he converted to Islam. Despite all the lack of trust and persecution from Turkish commanders, Bem established a factory of salter and gunpowder, he planned a complete reorganisation of the Turkish army and in 1850, he successfully defended Aleppo from rebellious members of the resistance. To honour his victory, the government appointed him the general of the Turkish army. 
The statue of the general is standing at Wałowa street, same as the mural, painted on a tenement house wall, depicting a part of “Panorama of Siedmiogród”. The fragments remaining of the painting can be seen at the Main Train Station. Mausoleum with Bem’s ashes is in the Strzelecki Park.






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