The castle was built in 1470-1480 on the place of an older wooden borough. It was founded by crown chancellor and Kraków’s castellan - Jakub from the house of Odrowąż from Dębno. The next owners of the castle were Ferenc Wesselini (from Hungary), Frakszynowie, Tarłowie, Lanckorońscy and Jastrzębscy. Throughout centuries the castle was being developed and its style now is combined of Gothic and Renaissance architecture.

The residency, with its brick walls and erratic boulder foundation, was shaped to resemble an irregular quadrangle and consists of four rectangular double-floor segments, which make the interior, also rectangular, court with a well. The entrance leads through a Baroque portal. The castle is surrounded by moat, once filled with water. To the fortress one could get in by using a drawbridge, now replaced by a permanent wooden bridge.

Currently the Castle in Dębno is a department of Tarnów’s Okręgowe Museum. From spring to autumn, inside the castle and on its grounds various events and concerts are organised.

The castle can be visited every day from 9 am to 4 pm, except Mondays, when the museum is closed.


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