In tarnowski and gorlicki county, in 1914-15 bloody battles between Russian army and Austrian army were taking place. The fallen soldiers were buried near the battlefield in mass graves. Today in this district around 200 cemeteries from the First World War can be visited. They are a testimony of the suffering of people and whole nations in that grave time.

In the cemeteries soldiers from both sides were buried: the Russians, Austrians, Polish, Bosnian, Hungarians, Czech and Italians.

In Tarnów there are some worth seeing, such as no. 200 at Chyszowska street, no. 202 on the corner of Szpitalna and M. B. Fatimska streets, the quarter in the Old Cemetery and the quarter in Kirkut. Outside of Tarnów are no. 293 cemetery in Zakliczyn, three cemeteries no. 191, 192, 193 in Lubinka - Dąbrówka Szczepanowska, Łowczówek cemetery no. 171, no. 138 in Bogoniwice, no. 118 in Staszówka, no. 122, 123 in Łóżna, no. 91 in Gorlice, no. 61 in Małastów. The cemetery in Dąbrówska Szczepanowska is located near the lookout tower.


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