It is impossible to miss Kazimierz Wielki Square, while going from Krakowska Street to the Main Square. The square is as old as the city, as it was marked out during the location of the city in 1330. Its central part is occupied by the monument of Adam Mickiewicz, which was unveiled in 1900 and is still standing there until today. On the night of June 20-21, 1925, the unknown donor left a plaque made of sandstone bearing the inscription "Unknown Polish Soldier killed for the homeland of 1914-1920" and the image of an eagle in the crown. It has been placed on the Tarnów Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, unveiled in 1931.

From Kazimierz Square, you can walk to the Market Square not only along Katedralna Street, but also through the Tertil Passage - a charming passage under the tenement house of the long-term mayor of Tarnów.
On 30 October 1918, military conspirators met in a restaurant located in a corner building (Kazimierza Wielkiego 5 / Katedralna 4). Here  the decision was made to start the night of the successful garrison in the city. Today Tarnów prides itself as the "First independent Polish city”.



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