The monument was placed on the same spot, from where the Germans lead out 728 political prisoners to wagons provided in the railway siding on June 12 1940. It was the fist transport of prisoners to concentration camp in Auschwitz.
Originally, the monument held figures of women and children, however they were removed in order to represent the even accurately as in that transport only male prisoners were taken.
In front of the monument, were laid bricks from the street, on which the prisoners were walking to the wagons. These parts were found durning works modernising the train station. 
Near the monument, is a Memory Booth, in which you can hear, after pressing the right button, the list of names of all prisoners from that very first transport or other war stories. 
The monument of the First Transport of Prisoners to Auschwitz can be found on a square between Bóżnic, Waryńskiego and Dębowa streets, near the Old Jewish Bathhouse.


Zamów transfer

Jeśli potrzebujesz transportu na lub z lotniska, podwózki do Zakopanego czy Auschwitz lub w inne miejsce, napisz do nas. Postaramy się zorganizować samochód z kierowcą.